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One detained in Miami after businessman stole a Rolex and a gold chain



Miami, Florida – According to authorities, one of the four suspects in the Miami businessman’s heist has been detained.

Miami resident Jorge Echevarria, 55, was detained on Friday on suspicion of armed robbery.

The theft took place on September 27.

The victim, who makes a business building and selling homes, received a text message from the suspect informing him that he had recently arrived in South Florida from New York and was looking to purchase some properties, according to the suspect’s arrest report.

According to Miami police, the victim consented to show him other homes he had available. He agreed to meet him at one of the homes, where Echevarria later appeared with two other males, a lady, and a child.

Authorities claim that after showing the group around, they followed the victim to another property.

When the victim was showing the group a bathroom inside the house at the second location, Echevarria allegedly remarked, “You owe me $18,000,” according to the authorities.

The victim said Echevarria didn’t know what he was talking about because he had just met them all that day, according to the police report.

The victim was then allegedly asked to put his hands on the wall by a Black guy who was with Echevarria while another Hispanic man nearby allegedly armed himself with a mallet hammer.

According to the police, the victim gave Echevarria his consent, and he searched him and took his $45,000 white gold necklace, iPhone 13, and Rolex Yacht-Master watch.

The victim remained at the house with the two unidentified males after Echevarria had departed with the woman, according to the report.

The Black guy urged the victim to wait in the restroom for 15 minutes while they were leaving, and the victim informed the police.

Authorities claim that Echevarria used a hammer to smash the home’s Ring camera and take the pieces, but the victim was able to access the video that was recorded on it.

Echevarria allegedly gave detectives a partial confession, according to the arrest record, but his whole statement was withheld from the report’s public publication.

Call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 if you have any other details regarding the three other robbers.

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