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Retail theft crew hits Target Store in Coral Springs



Coral Springs, Florida – According to a police report, a Target theft prevention officer in Coral Springs was aware of the retail theft gang.

They entered the business at 4400 State Road 7 shortly after 2:30 p.m. on September 19 and loaded a cart with 17 items totaling $2,640 before escaping out the back fire exit, according to the complaint.

They were prepared to get into a waiting U-Haul pickup truck and leave, but Coral Springs cops were there to intercept them.

Jamale Long, 38, one of the alleged shoplifters, was apprehended as he attempted to flee the store and scale a six-foot wall onto Turtle Creek Drive, according to the report.

After the U-Haul truck sideswiped a police car and left the scene through the Target parking lot and toward State Road 7, the other male, who was also in the store, did ultimately board the vehicle.

The vehicle was trailed intermittently by police in cars and a Broward Sheriff’s helicopter as it drove toward Lauderhill, hitting two cars in the process, according to the report.

The truck eventually developed a flat tire and struck a building, according to the report.

Terrance Young, the driver, fled but was apprehended by police, according to the report.

The person who jumped into the truck after robbing Target fled from the cops and vanished in an adjacent apartment building.

According to the report, police discovered marijuana and cocaine in the truck.

Young was accused of 18 offences, including grand theft, possession of cocaine and marijuana, careless driving, and having 12 arrest warrants out for him.

Grand theft is one of six counts that Long is facing.

According to court documents, the two males were still detained at the Broward County Jail on Tuesday.

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