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School safety officer shot in the head and killed unarmed teenager for no apparent reason while she was leaving the scene in her car (VIDEO)



School safety officers are part of almost every school in United States and their primary duty is to keep students and school staff safe during all times. We have witnessed numerous situations where these safety officers saved students’ lives and helped them in different situation.

But some of these officers sometimes forget about the professionalism and their primary duties like this Californian officer who shot and killed a teenager and mother, for no apparent reason while she was leaving the school parking lot in her car.

According to police report, the victim was identified as the 18-year-old M. Rodriguez, a mother of a 5-month-old son, who was immediately transferred to hospital for treatment with serious gunshot injury.

Prior the shooting, the victim had been in a fight with another, younger student at the end of September in a California high school. She decided to stop the fight after the safety officer threatened them with pepper spray and entered in the car where her brother and her boyfriend were waiting for her.

As soon as they tried to leave the school parking lot, the school safety officer took his gun out and fired at least two bullets towards the car hitting the victim on the back of her head leaving her seriously injured.

Cellphone video obtained by KTLA shows the officer fire two shots at the car as it nearly hits him speeding away from a parking lot. Rodriguez’s family demanded justice two days after the incident outside the school.

“And now we do, and now she’s gone,” her boyfriend heartbreakingly said. “I just got to step up now and play the mother and the father role, and keep my son strong.”

The initial investigation showed that the safety officer threatened the fighting girls with pepper spray and they stopped the fight. The officer never threatened to use his weapon prior to the shooting. The story was also confirmed by the officer himself.

“All we did is just got in the car and left,” New York Post reported. “He never told us to stop anytime soon, and the way he shot us, it wasn’t right.”

The teenager was put on life support at the hospital, but despite doctors’ efforts, her condition was not improving. Everyone knew that once she was removed from life support, she would die. Her family decided to donate her organs and once they finished with the procedures, she was removed from life support and pronounced dead last week.

The officer was put on administrative leave right after the incident, but the school decided to fire him few days after the shooting. He was not immediately charged, but the investigation showed that he used his weapon for no apparent reason. Once the victim was pronounced dead, he was charged with murder.

“The only way we stop these safety officers from shooting unarmed people and killing them is by having them prosecuted and held accountable for what they’ve done wrong to members of the community,” the school district superintendent said.

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