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South Florida men and Ukrainian Orthodox Church members heading to fight Russian invasion



Cooper City, Florida – As tens of thousands try to escape the war in Ukraine, two South Florida men are about to go there, straight into harm’s way.

They are 57-year-old Vasil Zaverukha, who is originally from Ukraine, and 38-year-old Beka Gubeladze, who is from Georgia, a country once part of the Soviet Union.

“They’re fighting everyone’s fight right now, so we cannot just leave them alone over there, you know?” said Gubeladze.

“At this moment when I’m thinking about Ukraine, I feel pain, and the more I watch, the more I watch what’s going on in Ukraine, I also feel a lot of anger,” Zaverukha said in Ukrainian.

Both are angry over the suffering and death imposed on the people of Ukraine, especially the children.

That is the reason they want to join the war and the fight against Russia.

“It’s not about Ukraine anymore, guys. Everybody has to understand, the whole world has to understand this. It’s not about Ukraine’s freedom anymore. It’s about us, it’s about Ukrainians, Georgians, Americans — it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s about everyone around the world,” said Gubeladze.

According to them, it’s about fighting for everyone, not just for Ukraine.


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