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Students Weigh in on The 2020 Presidential Election



After several days of prolonged ballot-counting between Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump, it was finally announced on November 7 that Biden defeated President Trump and was named president-elect by both the popular and electoral votes.

Amid the largest election turnout in history and heightened political tensions, President Trump has refused to concede, stating, without evidence, there was widespread voting fraud.

Across the nation, our country’s youth have participated in voting at far greater rates than previous years. High school youth from the cities of Coral Springs and Parkland share their views on this election:

Giovanni D’Auria, a junior at St. Thomas Aquinas, agreed with Trump’s assessment of the election and believes the Biden Harris campaign may have participated in voter fraud and suppression.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should not be the 2020 President and Vice President,” he said. “Trump is the person that our country needs. He does not care about political parties or people’s opinions; rather, he cares about what’s best for America.”

While not realizing that many states have already certified their totals, DiAruria said Trump’s voter fraud claims would soon be proven after each state confirms their polling numbers from election night.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Logan Rubenstein acknowledged the importance of character for politicians.

“I’m happy that Joe Biden won,” said Rubenstein. “He’s the best candidate that can lead us through these times and will take serious efforts to unite our country once again.”

He added how Trump isn’t even accepting of the results shows just how bad a president he has been and how he consistently puts himself over the country.

“Biden will bring decency back to the White House.”

As of today, in order to have a successful transition, the American people wait for President Trump to concede.

Rubenstein and several other critics think the delayed acknowledgment says a lot about the President’s character.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Steve Shibu believes that the controversial events in the presidential race are unhealthy for the future of democracy.

“I feel as if America needs to move forward from all the disputes between political parties. We need to be united for the sake of the country.”

Shibu recalls something he learned in American history class about how George Washington, the first president of the United States, spoke against political parties because they work against domestic unity. After the current election, Shibu said he understands Washington’s point of view.

Another notable event during the 2020 presidential election was the United States’ first black women vice-president. Madison Lenard, a junior, said that Kamala Harris is an inspiration for her and young black women everywhere to get involved in politics on a local and national level.

“Being a black young lady myself and seeing Kamala Harris make history as not only the first woman but also the first black woman, is very important, but long overdue.”

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