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Superhero Swim Academy: prepare for summer safety



Coral Springs, Florida – Superhero Swim Academy is a new swim school that is creating waves in the water with its creative approach to lifesaving instruction.

Aiming to create the most engaging learning environment possible, the academy charges a one-time registration fee of $25 for two months of free parent and toddler swim courses for infants and toddlers ages two months to one year. They provide a free trial lesson for older kids three years old and up to give the program a try.

The academy was established in 2018 by Jacob Siegel, a superhero enthusiast with coaching experience, to be the most inventive swim school on the market.

Co-owner Reed Heller shares Siegel’s aim of providing smaller, safer, and more effective swim sessions, and he contributes his experience in empowering adolescents via aquatic education.

With the help of their copy-written Swimming Superhero Characters, which stand in for each swimming skill, they have created a unique learning experience that blends the thrill of superhero adventures with the fundamentals of swimming.

Siegel claims that mastering these abilities has saved lives. A parent posted a video of their kid plunging into their backyard swimming pool. The toddler managed to escape the water by crawling back to the wall.

In the second instance, a four-year-old boy student rescued his one-year-old sister. She was dragged out of the water by the youngster after she was brought to the stairs.

The curriculum of the school is tailored to suit the needs of several age groups, ranging from young newborns to 12-year-olds.


To prevent future dread, parents take their infants to the water and acquaint them with it through songs and toys. Toddlers practice safety skills such as diving for toys, independently getting in and out of the pool, and floating and rolling onto their backs.


It is typical for parents of infants and toddlers to expect their children to cry during class. Being in the water and not being able to touch the bottom is a novel experience. Because swimming is a safe sport, infants and toddlers cannot control themselves during swim lessons, and sobbing may occur during the first four to eight classes.

Older Kids

The objective is to teach swimming to older children, ages 4 to 12, which entails teaching their cadets how to breathe and move independently from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end. Cadets must first demonstrate that they feel secure and at ease in the water to do this.

The incorporation of superhero motifs throughout the training of Superhero Swim Academy sets it apart. As they learn new skills, kids receive superhero achievement cards, which makes every feat a thrilling milestone.

Families from Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Margate Coconut Creek, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach are served by Superhero Swim Academy. One of their four locations is the Coral Springs Preschool, which houses their heated pool.

Weekly classes begin at 5:00 p.m. in their Coral Springs pool, held all year round. up until 8:00 p.m. during the week and at 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Visit them online at @superheroswimacademy on all the main social media networks.

Superhero Swim Academy is situated at 4441 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs, FL.

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