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The City’s oldest tattoo shop gets an ink-redible makeover from a Coral Springs vet



Coral Springs, Florida – The first licensed tattoo parlor in Coral Springs has changed.

The recently renamed Levi & Lili Tattoo Company, formerly known as Timeless Craft Tattoo, blends a humorous, eerie atmosphere with its extensive history.

Michael “Fish” Fisher, who now goes by Levi Ethan Morgenstern, is the shop’s manager. The new appearance of the establishment represents the owner’s own flair.

The first tattoo parlor in Coral Springs opened its doors in 2001, although at that time there were no tattoo parlors in the area and local politicians were hesitant to support the notion.

Whole Addiction was piercing-only until its previous owner worked very hard to turn it into a tattoo and piercing studio that was completely legal.

He inked the first tattoo, which was later dubbed Timeless Craft Tattoo, in February 2003.

Levi, also known as Fish, became a local celebrity for more than 20 years, tattooing teenagers, elderly people, survivor groups, and families spanning several generations.

Many people believed he owned the store because of his prolonged presence, but he didn’t actually take control of it until recently when he made changes to better suit his own aesthetic.

Levi, who tore down the beige walls and added some fun Hawaiian outfits and music, transformed the area.

“I wanted to make the space mine. Before, it looked like an orthodontist’s office. I reinvented the studio in my image- a dark, spooky, fun image. Imagine Tim Burton directing The Addams Family in the Haunted Mansion,” Levi explained.

Redesigned as the Levi & Lili Tattoo Company, the studio boasts rebel-red walls covered in souvenirs, art, and memorabilia.

Everything from pop culture weapons to vintage ephemera to demons and Donkey Kong can be found in the colorful design.

This is not Levi’s only undertaking. Lili, his wife, is both his partner and muse. A portrait of the pair, reminiscent of Tim Burton, hangs among the shop’s artwork.

Collectively, they have devoted years to gathering anecdotes, creating relationships, and drawing artists to their Coral Springs studio from all over the world.

At Levi & Lili Tattoo Company, Levi is the leader of a group of talented artists. Levi has been tattooing for 29 years, and piercing for 34 years. His areas of expertise are covering or repairing previous tattoos, dramatic color work, and creative black-and-grey realism.

Tami Jo Urban, who has 32 years of tattooing experience and a preference for realism and surrealism, is joining him. Dakota, a seasoned piercer with more than ten years of expertise, and Nicole, a meticulous tattoo apprentice who handles permanent cosmetics procedures, round out the crew. Echo completes the team by running the front counter, temporary tattoos for henna and jagua, and learns piercing under Dakota’s tutelage. Right now, they’re looking to add another tattoo artist to their group.

Veteran of the US Navy Levi Ethan Morgenstern offers a distinct viewpoint to his work. Levi’s medical background has provided him an advantage in the tattoo industry, especially in aseptic technique, cross-contamination awareness, and sterilization, after two enlistments as a Hospital Corpsman.

They made Coral Springs their home and raised their three children there after moving there from the DC/Baltimore Metro region in 2002 in search of a more inexpensive living arrangement.

After his wife’s family moved to Coral Springs in the late 1990s, Levi moved back to Washington, D.C., where he had begun tattooing in 1995. In September 2002, Levi began working at Whole Addiction after doing some other retail work.

They transformed the store into Timeless Craft Tattoo ten years ago. After buying the studio three and a half years ago and letting clients get used to the fact that he was in charge, Levi thought it was now time to rebrand it to something more in line with his style.

Levi has always sought out the beauty in the dark corners of the universe, having grown up watching The Munsters, The Addams Family, and The Muppet Show. The studio’s retheming was inspired by his love of funny spook shows like Nightmare Before Christmas and the Addams Family movies.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Levi & Lili Tattoo Company at 8083 W Sample Road in Coral Springs. Additionally, you can reach them at 954-753-4151.


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