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Three middle schools compete in postseason track and field



Coral Springs, Florida – Before the school year ended, three Coral Springs track and field teams competed in the postseason.

Middle School in Forest Glen

Marcus Gentilhomme and Tristan Stephenson headed Forest Glen’s boys team, which finished in third place overall.After participating in the 1600 meters, Gentilhomme advanced to the County Championship and finished sixth in that event. Zachary Majdoch did well in the discus at Counties, finishing fourth overall. Together with all three rally teams, Tyler Cline and Ayden Edmond were among the top 10 in their respective events. Forest Glen finished sixth thanks to the efforts of Jadrian De Leon Maldonado, Adahri Lamey, Logan Ramnarace, Logan Diaz, Jean Luc Yarjour, Daniel Gonzalez, Joseph Jones, Logan Ramnarace, Isaac Almeida, and Devin Perez.

Alyson Thomas qualified for the Counties after finishing fourth in the girls’ 1600 meters. Jeslyn Feliz-Reynoso had the best individual performance at Regionals, finishing third in the high jump, while she finished in eighth place.

Melanie Concepcion Cortes, Natalia Cuevas, Mariah Demeo, Sylvia Majdoch, and two relay teams finished in the top ten. Forest Glen placed seventh thanks to the efforts of Jennayah Turner, Layla Tooley, Jeslyn Feliz-Reynoso, Ahnaya Grant, London Losse, Somayia Hall, Allison Macarulay, Ke’riyah Manning, Nickyla Alfred, Jennayah Turner, Nickyla Alfred, Somayia Hall, Mariah Demeo, and Sylvia Majdoch.

Middle School in Coral Springs

Darryl Casillas, Luis Cardozo, Paul Michel, and Ira Benjamin of Coral Springs Middle School placed fourth in regionals in the 4 x 800 relay. In the 200 meters, Malichi Innis, James Binner, Caylen Rucker, and Benjamin placed eighth in a relay team. In the 4 x 100 meters, Ashton Smith, Jaiden Blackshear, Jake Casillias-Bell, and Dylan Torres place eleventh. For the boys, Matthew Mofford placed 12th in the 1600 meters, while Damian Diedrick and James Binner placed in the top ten. The group placed eleventh overall.

Leading the girl’s squad, Antonella Dominguez finished third in the 1600 meters in both the Regionals and the Counties. In the same competition, Terese Alba qualified as well and finished eighth. In addition to having two relay teams in the top ten, Lola Simcox competed in the 800 meters and placed 15th at Counties, while also placing sixth at Regionals. Samantha DeGance placed seventh in the shot put after showing great form. Along with Arianna Sandoval, Arianna Huriash, Isabel Hilmers, Jamyrah Joseph, Lily Smith, Diana Higgins, Harmony Innis, and Aricia Taylor, Amina Scott also placed in the top ten, contributing to the team’s ninth-place result.

Ramblewood Middle School

Though there weren’t many competitors at Ramblewood Middle School, I was impressed by the boys. Fourth place went to Tyler Dennis in the high jump. In the shot pot, Moses Voltaire finished ninth, followed by Justin Tejada Espinoza. Zavier Tamayo ran the 800 meters. In the long jump, Tanya Standley placed 12th for the girls, with Aaliyah Edwards coming in just one spot behind. In the discus, Summer Williams placed thirteenth, while Lucia Mendez came in eighteenth.


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