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Tips on saving money in the classroom



Florida – College students from across the state of Florida are heading back to campuses for class.

With so many things to buy – from shower shoes to textbooks – an expert says, there are some easy ways for your college student to save money. “Keep looking for free money with scholarships and grants,” said college consumer expert Elisabeth Leamy.

That’s advice college sophomore Chloe Denis has been following. “I have scholarships, but I also have a job on the side,” the Florida A&M University student said. “I also work as a tutor virtual, so that helps me out.”

Another tip is to shop around for those dorm room essentials.

According to Leamy, it is not to necessarily buy everything at one spot. Instead, pick the best items from a variety for stores. Also, for the parents: don’t forget those tax breaks from Uncle Sam. “Be on the lookout for federal tax credits. As much $2,500 a year depending on your income,” Leamy said.

The final tip comes from the college student on a budget: plan your meals and avoid eating out. “I try to cook at home and meal prep to avoid spending money eating out,” Denis said.


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