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US stops all avocado imports from Mexico



Miami, Florida – Following a threat to an American plant safety inspector, all avocado imports from Mexico were stopped by The United States until further notice.

“If we don’t solve this in the next two, three weeks, it’s going to impact us for a couple of years to come,” said Chief Executive of Agtools Martha Montoya.

The threat to the inspector comes amid escalating drug cartel violence in Michoacan, where nearly 90% of the avocados the U.S. imports come from.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, avocado prices are already much higher compared to a year ago. This disruption is raising concern that there could be an even bigger spike in the weeks ahead.

“I would say an avocado could go up to $5, $6 a unit,” said Montoya.

According to Montoya, it’s not just the consumer that will be impacted – hundreds of millions of dollars will be lost and the environment will be affected.

“Everyone in the supply chain was prepared to ship the avocados, trucks, containers, the processing plants, water, electricity, so all that carbon footprint we’ll be wasting,” said Montoya.

According to The U.S. government, the suspension will continue until the safety of all U.S. inspectors in Mexico is assured.

On Monday the president of Mexico said the ban is part of a conspiracy against his country.


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