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Woman Arrested For Burglary and Battery After Attacking Subway Sandwich Worker



A Coral Springs woman was arrested for burglary and battery after an argument over how often a Subway employee should change their gloves while preparing her sandwich turned physical.

On February 12, Coral Springs Police responded to a call from the Subway located at 10613 Wiles Road. Officers were greeted by an employee who told them a customer had violently assaulted her and only stopped after good Samaritans intervened.

According to the report, the victim said a customer, later identified as Cathy Philistin, 33, had entered the store and ordered a sandwich. The victim said almost instantly, Philistin took issue with the store’s hygiene protocols, requesting the employee change gloves after putting her sandwich in the toaster oven.

The victim told officers that while she complied with the request, she explained to Philistin that she “could have asked politely.” An argument then ensued. According to surveillance footage officers later viewed that backed up the employees’ accusations, Philistin went around the side of the counter, entering the employee’s area to confront the victim.

The victim repeatedly asked Philistin to leave the prohibited area and attempted to back away from her repeated physical threats. At one point, Philistin told the victim she was in the employee’s area because “I needed to come back here and show you how to do your job.”

In fear of her safety, the victim says she pushed Philistin away, which led to a physical altercation that spilled into the dining room. Surveillance shows Philistin getting on top of the victim and pushing her in the face.

At the time of the attack, a customer inside the store attempted to intervene but was unable to help the victim and was, herself, in fear for her life, so she ran outside and found a man who eventually was able to stop the assault. The report stated the victim then gave Philistin her sandwich and asked her to leave.

The victim sustained six broken nails and a bloodied finger in the assault and swelling around her eyes and cheeks.

CSPD located Philistin and detained her for questioning, where she admitted to the altercation but justified it by telling officers “she felt like she [the victim) felt too safe behind the employee area.”

Due to the nature of the assault and the fact that Philistin entered an area prohibited to customers that included a cash register, she was arrested and charged with burglary and assault. Philistin was transported to the Broward County Main Jail and later released after posting a $100 bond.

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