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Woman Covered in Vomit, Driving With Missing Wheel Arrested for DUI



Police arrested a Miami woman for driving under the influence after first witnessing her traveling without a tire.

On April 3, a Coral Springs Police cruiser observed a vehicle traveling westbound near the 8800 block of Wiles Road without a tire and making loud noises. An officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop after seeing sparks shooting from the passenger side wheel well, but the vehicle continued along on its rim.

After turning on the emergency lights, the vehicle eventually turned into Coral Springs Middle School.

The report said as he approached the vehicle, the officer noticed the driver’s side window and passenger door were covered in vomit. As he knocked on the window, he observed the driver, later identified as Jacquill Livingston, 29, with fresh vomit all over her hair, chest, and shoulder.

When asked by the officer about the vomit, Livingston told him, while slurring her speech, that it was days old and not a result of drinking that night.

Livingston told officers that she was aware she had a flat tire but was unaware that her tire and rim were completely missing. She subsequently submitted to and failed numerous field sobriety tests.

Officers said Livingston became upset and argumentative after failing the tests and ignored requests to stay off her phone.

Livingston was arrested for driving under the influence and transported to CSPD. She was given two breathalyzer tests that showed her alcohol content was above .150 — almost double the legal limit. She was transported to the Broward County Main Jail and later released after posting a $1,000 bond.

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