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Attend Orchid Classes at Sawgrass Nature Center to gain some blooming knowledge



Coral Springs, Florida – Beginning on June 1, a series of orchid seminars will be held at the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital in Coral Springs by Broward Orchid Supply & Service.

The $40 classes are scheduled for three Saturdays in a row from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is a 30-person maximum for each class, therefore registration in advance is necessary.

On June 1, “Orchid Basics,” a program geared toward those who are new to orchid gardening, will launch the series. Participants will gain knowledge about the fundamentals of orchid care, such as the requirements for water, light, fertilizer, and temperature, as well as how to choose orchids that are appropriate for their surroundings.

The theme changes to “Orchid Repotting & Mounting” on June 8. Attendees will learn how often to repot orchids, experiment with different potting materials, and select the ideal pot or basket. Additionally, mounting orchids on materials such as cork or tree fern will be covered in the course.

Participants will learn about common pests and diseases that affect orchids in the last lesson, “Training Your Eye: Problems We Encounter – Orchid Pests and Diseases & Cures,” on June 15.

Insects like as thrips, scale, snails, and spider mites, as well as bacterial and fungal rots, will all be covered in detail, and attendees will learn how to recognize and deal with them to protect their orchids.

Each seminar will have orchid supplies for sale in addition to the educational sessions.
3000 Sportsplex Dr. in Coral Springs, Florida is the address of the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital. Visit the Sawgrass Center to learn more and to register.


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