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Bobayo Coral Springs owner striving for perfection in the serving of fan favorite bubble teas



Coral Springs, Florida – Prior to establishing Bobayo in Coral Springs, Jong Yeo traveled to over 200 bubble tea establishments nationwide.

“I was looking at what others were doing because I wanted the best quality for my place,” he said.

His restaurant, located on Wiles Road just west of State Road 7, debuted in January, and he also wanted to find the freshest ingredients and most inventive ways to prepare the famous cocktails.

Yeo has been a martial arts instructor for his entire life. He enjoys cooking, especially Korean food that is native to his country.

Having been the owner and instructor of Parks Taekwondo, which is located next to Bobayo, for over ten years, he expressed his desire to expand into the food industry.

Yeo hired longtime friend and coworker Grace McManus to manage Bobayo’s daily operations.

“We’re doing great and growing day by day,” McManus said.

Housed in what was formerly a flower shop, Bobayo is lively with pop music, eye-catching decorations, and McManus’s promise to treat customers well.

“Try your drink before you leave, and if you don’t like it, we’ll remake it,” she told a teenager last week.

Furthermore, she added, “there are no questions asked and it’s free of charge if you still don’t like it.”
McManus continued, “Yeo’s dedication to quality is no talking point.”

The bite-sized, chewy tapioca pearls that are a staple of bubble teas are cooked fresh in Bobayo’s kitchen, and the drinks can be customized.

“We brew fresh tea at least 10 times a day,” she added.

In addition to coffee or frappés, the restaurant offers smoothies. Products for Bobayo are imported from South Korea, Thailand, and Japan.

“We don’t use any powder,” McManus said. “We don’t cut corners. We offer the best and freshest ingredients.”

Bobayo introduced Korean-style snacks soon after it opened, such as corn dogs, dumplings, and tteokbokki, a well-known street dish consisting of rice cakes and fish cakes marinated in a hot sauce called gochujang red pepper.

“Our food is really popular,” McManus said. “We’re not just food and drinks. We’re a community café.”

For example, she mentioned that Bobayo and Parks Taekwondo provide free kid-friendly activities on Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Parents check into Bobayo and buy a drink, and then their kids can enjoy bounce houses, arts and crafts, and play stations at Parks Taekwondo.

“Parents can sip and kids get to play,” she said.

Yeo is traveling this week, stopping at bubble tea establishments around Los Angeles.
The renowned tapioca pearls, sugar, ice, and milk are all expertly balanced in these beverages, which he admitted he’s still learning how to make.

He expressed his satisfaction with the initial restaurant’s development and expressed his intention to build more Bobayo locations in the future.

“It’s been exciting and I love the challenge,” he said.


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