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Man Arrested After Strangling, Breaking Nose, of Girlfriend at her Birthday Party



A Tamarac man was arrested after choking his girlfriend and breaking her nose at her birthday party.

On March 29, Coral Springs Police responded to a call about a suspicious man, later identified as Conrod Buchannon, 47, of Tamarac, sleeping in bushes near the 200 block of 95th Terrace.

According to the report, Buchannon told police he had been kicked out of a nearby home after arguing with his girlfriend. Buchannon claimed the altercation was not physical and that his bloodshot eyes were from a previous fight with someone else.

Officers detained Buchannon while they knocked on the door of the home he claimed his girlfriend lived. When the victim answered, it was apparent to officers she had fresh bruises and marks all over her neck and elbows. Officers also observed the victim’s nose bent to the right, along with bruises all over her upper body.

The report said the victim told officers Buchannon had been drinking at her birthday party and became more belligerent and aggressive as the night wore on. During a verbal argument between the victim and Buchanon, he allegedly became physical with her. The victim said an ensuing fight between the two lasted on and off for 30 minutes.

The victim said Buchannon struck her in the face, likely breaking her nose, which bled profusely. He also choked her to the point where she thought he would kill her. Buchannon reportedly only stopped his assault once the victim’s mother heard the arguing and broke up the fight.

Buchannon was arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and transported to the Joseph V. Conte facility, where he is being held on a $10,000 bond.

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