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New Coyote Sighting At Coral Springs Park



Coral Springs, Florida – Be careful: A pack of coyotes has been sighted at Three Mountains Park in Coral Springs, city officials said Friday.

The park at 9200 NW 1st Street remains open, but city officials asked visitors to be educated about coyotes and their behavior.

The city posted on social media these tips from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on how to avoid conflicts with coyotes who live in urban, suburban, and rural areas throughout Florida:

– Feeding coyotes is illegal. They will lose their fear of humans.

– Secure garbage cans. Clean up pet food and fallen fruit.

– Keep pets in enclosed areas. Walk dogs on a short leash.

Coyotes sightings at Three Mountains Park and Ralph Diaz Memorial Park at 9701 NW 19 Street forced officials to close the parks in February and March.

Three Mountains Park closed after a coyote chased two joggers on Feb. 25, leaving a 20-year-old Broward College student with an injured knee.

At the time, officials brought in trappers to catch the coyotes and move them to a non-residential area.

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