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Port Everglades official: South Florida will not experience gas shortages following pipeline hack



POMPANO BEACH, FLA. – The recent pipeline hack on a major artery is fueling frustration for several drivers spanning across several states. Although the supply is plentiful in South Florida, there is some fear of rising gas prices.

Port Everglades officials, however, are imploring South Floridians not to worry as they are not likely to experience a gas shortage similar to that in the east coast.

It’s been five days since the Colonial pipeline has been shut down following a cyber attack.

This pipeline delivers about 45% of the fuel consumed on the east coast.

“Where we’re likely to see the soonest impact is going to be more the south, southeast, so Mississippi, Tennessee, over to Georgia and up to Delaware,” said American Automobile Association spokesperson Jeanette McGee.

Resources in some areas are starting to dwindle. It is driving up supply, and prices will likely go up as well.

“That national average is likely to hit $3 a gallon here soon,” McGee said. “We haven’t seen prices like that since 2014.”

In South Florida, there may be higher prices, but the gas supply is not likely to be affected.

“Coming to the Port Everglades, our supply is actually supplied by water that comes in, primarily, from the Gulf Coast,” said Port Everglades official Jonathan Daniels.

Everyday, more than twelve and a half million gallons of petroleum products are delivered to Port Everglades.

“We have an extremely robust schedule,” Daniels said. “Our vessel schedule over the next few weeks is extremely solid. We have very good supply currently in the tanks and feel very good about the supply that’s going to be coming in during the next few weeks.”

While South Florida will be OK, other East Coast states will likely suffer.


The White House is monitoring the issue. They issued a statement that read in part, “The President has directed agencies across the federal government to bring their resources to bear to help alleviate shortages where they might occur.”

The FBI said a Russia-based group called “Darkside” is responsible for the hack.

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