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Superstar students in Miami-Dade got some deserved recognition



Miami Lakes, Florida – Miami Lakes Educational Center senior Jassmin Barrientos will now be heading to school in a new 2022 Toyota.

Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo handed off the keys to the young lady who has beaten the odds.

Barrientos is a part of the district’s project up-start which supports students experiencing homelessness.

According to Barrientos, she doesn’t always know where she’ll sleep at night.

She works until 11 p.m. and goes to school.

Barrientos and four other students were recognized by the superintendent.

She, along with four other students, also received a check for $1,000.

“Jassmin, you don’t get an envelope,” Carvalho said. “You get a certificate of achievement. Let’s drive that baby up, and you get a vehicle.”

A few years ago Barrientos came from Colombia with her sister and a lot of drive.

“I Uber every day to work and everywhere I go, and it’s just difficult,” she said, “but I think about my sisters, and I love them so much. I just wanna be OK for them, and I wanna make it for them.”


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