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Broward Mayor Steve Geller: COVID crisis not over



Miami, Florida – According to Broward Mayor Steve Geller, the Covid numbers are dramatically, more and more people are getting vaccinated, but he says “we are not out of the woods yet.”

“For people who think the epidemic is over we learned from the Memorial healthcare system that 50 people with Covid are on ventilators and there are five pediatric cases,” he says.

According to the data system, he uses there are 19.5 Covid cases per every 100,000 people in Broward. As of Wednesday, he says there are 380 newly diagnosed cases in Broward.

“That’s way better than the 140 which was 14 times out of control. Now we are only double the number considered out of control,” he says. “But it’s still double the number considered out of control,” he says.

“I am cautioning people there are still people being hospitalized in Broward, there are still people on ventilators, and there are still people dying.”

“There are monoclonal antibody treatments still available at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines and at some hospitals. It is a useful treatment but should not be considered a substitute for vaccinations.”

About upcoming holiday celebrations, Geller said, “I believe small family gatherings are the way to go however if you are fully vaccinated and vulnerable members of your family have gotten the booster I would feel comfortable having my family over indoors.”

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