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Climate Conference takes place in Miami Beach



Miami, Florida – This week, a first-of-its-kind climate conference is taking place on Miami Beach.

The event is being put on by Aspen Ideas and it will run through Thursday. “Miami is the epicenter for the impacts of climate change. They will feel the impact years before other places around the world. So, the things that we can try out here and talk about here are going to impact everywhere globally,” said Greg Gershuny with the Aspen Institute.

According to Mayor Dan Gelber, there is no better place to host this event than Miami Beach. “The Aspen Institute is one of the premier think tanks in the world and they solve problems. That’s what they do,” he said.

There are no short-term solutions to the problems, Gershuny said. ‘This is an all of humanity effort that we are going to have to focus on for the next number of years,” said Gershuny.

According to Gelber, local leaders have to get actively involved.

“There has to be political will, and there has to be ways to actually do it. Like, financing and things like that. So, that’s what I feel like people are going to get from this conference. How we solve this, the breath of the problem but also the breadth of the solutions as This week’s events will be taking place at multiple locations throughout Miami Beach including the Miami Beach Convention Center.


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