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Coral Springs Elementary School to launch the district’s initiative to cut back on water and energy use



Coral Springs, Florida – For students at Maplewood Elementary in Coral Springs, the Miami Heat will host a day of games and entertainment on Thursday to launch the school district’s “How Low Can You Go Challenge,” which calls on institutions to use less water and electricity during the academic year.

According to a news release, Maplewood Elementary won the district award for the school with the most drop in kilowatt usage from the previous year.

The Thursday pep rally will also honor Green Sports Day, a day that “connects environmental responsibility with sports events,” according to a press release.

The Miami Heat Xtreme Team will get students moving with high-energy exercises with the overarching purpose of “inspiring children to be good stewards of our environment,” according to a press release. The team performs a trampoline acrobatic slam dunk show.

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