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From Coral Springs To Orlando, How A BMW Ended Up In Alleged Underground Network Of Car Thieves



CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The theft of a black BMW X3 from Coral Springs last week revealed an alleged underground network of men assigned to smuggle the SUV from South Florida to Central Florida, a police report said.

After the theft of the BMW on May 3, at least four men were involved in the planned transport of the SUV from its temporary hideout at a Lauderhill apartment complex to Orlando – an almost hard-to-follow case of middlemen and stolen car runners cracked by undercover Broward Sheriff’s deputies assigned to break up burglary rings, the report said.

According to police, an unemployed 19-year-old from Kissimmee on probation for a cocaine charge, Andy Mendez, was arrested for possession of the stolen BMW.

Mendez told police that, just hours after the BMW was stolen on May 3, he was paid $150 by a man named “Terrell” to drive another man named Nathan Martin to Fort Lauderdale, the report said.

Mendez told investigators that it was “his job” to drive Martin.

Mendez dropped off Martin at the apartment complex and Martin allegedly drove the stolen BMW to a 7-Eleven gas station on Nob Hill Road, the report said. Mendez showed up at the gas station, too, in his white BMW.

Deputies arrested Mendez and Martin at the gas station after they were following the stolen BMW.

Accord to the arrest report, Martin told police he was paid $500 to drive with Mendez from Kissimmee to Fort Lauderdale and then drive the BMW back to Orlando.

Once Mendez and Martin arrived in Fort Lauderdale, they were met by yet another man with dreads who gave Mendez the stolen SUV’s key fob.

After that, Mendez drove Martin to the stolen SUV’s location at the apartment complex and then they drove separately to the 7-Eleven where they were arrested.

Mendez remained Monday at Broward County Jail.

Martin’s arrest report was not available on Monday.

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