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Broward schools superintendent Robert Runcie may walk away with $740,000+



BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Negotiations resumed Monday between Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie’s attorney and Broward School Board Chair Dr. Rosalind Osgood regarding the superintendent’s separation agreement, and Runcie could soon be walking away with over $740,000.

The exact figure Osgood and the superintendent’s attorney agreed to Monday was $743,052.

The school board still needs to discuss and vote on a final agreement. They are scheduled to meet Tuesday morning, and some members are likely to object to the number.

“I feel very good about our results today,” Osgood said.

The figure includes a 90-day transition period and 20 weeks of severance, including a payout of accrued vacation and sick time, money to his state retirement pension and attorney fees for the separation agreement.

“That number comes from contract arrangements that allows Mr. Runcie’s salary to be paid for the 90 days. State statute allows 20 weeks of severance pay that you have to give,” Osgood said.

Osgood, who was charged with leading the negotiations, believes this is fair to the superintendent and the district.

“How we handle this moment is either going to divide the community farther or is going to bring us closer together,” she said. “I think individuals on both sides could agree with the proposal that we have coming forward.”

In a counter offer earlier in the day, the district said it wanted Runcie out in 30 days instead of 90, but Runcie’s attorney called the counter offer offensive, arguing that Runcie is legally entitled to 90 days. His attorney also disputed that Runcie initiated proceedings to part ways.

Osgood said the board has other options to terminate, but would prefer a mutual agreement for the good of everyone involved.

The School Board finalized its separation agreement with its general counsel Barbara Myrick last week, agreeing to allow her to leave with 20 weeks of severance pay, totaling $226,349.87. The money includes accrued sick and vacation time, along with Myrick’s pension from the Florida retirement system.

“Mr. Runcie and I have worked tirelessly, and you all know that, to improve this district and to see that it continues to operate in a professional manner for the children,” Myrick told the board on Thursday.

Myrick has worked for the school district for 21 years. Her last day as an employee will be June 30.

Runcie and Myrick are both facing charges related to communication with witnesses in the pending public corruption case of a former BCPS employee.

They both want the district to pay for their legal defense, and that request was granted for Myrick on Thursday. But if found guilty, Myrick would have to reimburse the district.

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