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Higher gas prices at South Florida, again



Miami, Florida – While a year ago, you were paying an average of $2.861 a gallon for regular gas in Florida, on Wednesday, the current average for the same gasoline jumped to $4.645.

According to the AAA, in Fort Lauderdale, the average for regular is $4.67 and in Miami-Dade, it is $4.64.

The surging, almost daily, increase in gas prices has affected prices elsewhere.

On Tuesday after the European Union agreed to block the majority of oil imports from Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine, petroleum prices increased.

President Joe Biden plotted an inflation-fighting strategy Tuesday with the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He hoped to demonstrate to voters that he was attuned to their worries about higher gasoline, grocery, and other prices whiles still insisting an independent Fed will act free from political pressure.

Like Biden, the Fed wants to slow inflation without knocking the U.S. economy into recession, a highly sensitive mission that is to include increasing benchmark interest rates this summer. The president said he would not attempt to direct that course as some previous presidents have tried. “My plan to address inflation starts with a simple proposition: Respect the Fed, respect the Fed’s independence,” Biden said.

Over the past year, the sit-down on a heat-drenched late-spring day was Biden’s latest effort to show his dedication to containing the 8.3% leap in consumer prices. Rising gas and food costs have angered many Americans heading into the midterm elections, putting Democrats’ control of the House and Senate at risk.

Biden is running out of options on his own. His past attempts – oil releases from the strategic reserve, improving port operations, and calls to investigate price gouging – have fallen short of satisfactory results.

High prices have undermined his efforts to highlight the low 3.6% unemployment rate, leaving a growing sense of pessimism among Americans.


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