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The Center for the Arts in Coral Springs is transformed with the dynamic mural “TRAILS of Expression”



Coral Springs, Florida – The City of Coral Springs plans to add an inspirational new public art mural called “TRAILS of Expression” on the outside of its Center for the Arts.

The colorful and interactive artwork, created by well-known artist Vito Di Bari, is reportedly underpainting and should be finished by August 2024, according to the city.

The $150,000 project intends to use art to honor the city’s basic ideals and improve its aesthetic attractiveness.

On January 2, 2024, the campaign launched with a call to artists asking them to submit ideas for the mural. The project received 34 applications, with a focus on the city’s fundamental principles of Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Leadership, and Superior Service (TRAILS).
Following a comprehensive evaluation and selection process by the Public Art Committee (PAC), Vito Di Bari’s “TRAILS of Expression” was selected due to its distinct methodology and compatibility with the city’s agenda.

The Center for the Arts, located at 2855 Coral Springs Drive, will have the mural painted on its west-facing wall.

Di Bari’s design honors the variety of artistic mediums present in the space. A stage-like backdrop with abstract colors and lights surrounds artistic people including an orchestra, director, musicians, actors, singers, and dancers in the mural.

Polychrome cement relief sculptures will be used in the mural to give the piece a three-dimensional appearance and to enhance its depth and interaction. The artwork will also come to life using an augmented reality technology that lets viewers use their smartphones to see animated characters that interact and move to music, adding to the overall experience.

The city’s Public Art Program, which was started in 2003 to encourage the integration of art in public areas, is providing funding for the project. Since the program is funded by contributions from both new and redevelopment projects, the purchase of public art is not subject to ad valorem taxes.

At its meeting on April 17, 2024, the City Commission approved the mural’s purchase deal and gave the relevant city officials permission to sign it.


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