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A man gets an encore performance in jail after serenading police with NWA’s greatest hits in the station parking lot



Coral Springs, Florida – Charges have been brought against a Coral Springs man for allegedly threatening a public worker after he demanded to meet with police officers in the station parking lot while blasting the N.W.A. song “F-ck the Police.”

The Coral Springs Police Department was called by dispatch on March 9 to react to a report of a guy urging officers to meet him in front of the police station. The individual was eventually identified as Margate resident Daryl Medlock, 55.

The report states that cops were greeted by loud music playing lyrics that were overtly disparaging of the police when they arrived to the parking area where Medlock was parked.

When police arrived at the car and saw Medlock and a female companion inside, the situation became more heated. They were notified that their loud music playing and the tinted tag cover covering the license plate of the car were violations of Florida state statutes.

Furthermore, Medlock’s vehicle was parked unlawfully in a handicapped space.

Medlock reacted very aggressively, according to the police, and at one point he charged one officer and yelled, “Motherf-cker!” According to the report, the officer used his taser in self-defense. A second officer moved swiftly to stop Medlock before he could harm the officer.

After being detained, Medlock was taken to the Broward County Main Jail.


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