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COVID-19 surge not slowing down summer cruises



Miami, Florida – Following a COVID outbreak on a Carnival ship that set sail from South Florida, COVID concerns on cruises have resurfaced.

“I went on a ship with a friend six weeks ago and I did contract COVID about six weeks ago. She did not, we were cabinmates,” Linda Warhaftig said.

Outbreaks onboard cruise ships do give some a pause, but according to Warhaftig, she loves the escape and does what she can to stay healthy. “I unpack once, I’m on my vacation and I just enjoy it, the hotel moves from port to port.”

She even runs a Facebook group with 25,000 followers called Cruiser Opinions Page. When she’s not cruising, she’s a healthcare worker, and she knows being fully vaccinated is not a guarantee against the virus. “I think what’s more important is how are each ship handling an outbreak or positive guest case that’s what reflects on the cruise line,” Warhaftig thought.

Though outbreaks mean protocols to prevent further spread are put in place once it crosses a threshold, Linda Benedon at Boca Express Travel Agency doesn’t see bookings slowing down. “For the first time that I ever remember in my life there are tour operators turning business away and enough guides to take people around,” Benedon said about business.

According to Royal Caribbean, they have less than a 1% positivity rate on board, and added, “Cruising has remained one of the most controlled, safest environments, and our protocols continue to evolve to ensure the highest level of mitigation techniques.”

But it’s always good to take precautions. “What I do recommend is bring masks with you,” Benedon said.

Benedon highly suggests buying travel insurance to cover your trip.


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