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Dog reunited with the lifeguards who saved her life



Miami-Dade – Around 1:40 p.m. on Mar. 5 when on-duty lifeguards found a person playing with a small dog on the shoreline, a small dog named Alfa was reunited with the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue lifeguards who saved her life at Haulover Beach.

According to the crew, the dog, Alfa, had swallowed water and began to drown when the crew immediately began to treat her by initiating CPR and administering oxygen.

After performing CPR for 20 minutes, the crew was able to revive Alfa – who was found with no pulse.

Lifeguards continued CPR for an additional 10 minutes until Alfa’s owner transported her with an oxygen mask to the nearest animal hospital for further treatment.

In order to thank the lifeguards who saved her life, Alfa stopped by the beach over the weekend, with her owner.