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Maluma meet-and-greet in Miami shut down by police over COVID concerns



Miami police shut down a meet-and-greet event with singer Maluma after hundreds of fans showed up at an art gallery in the Wynwood neighborhood on Tuesday.

The Colombian superstar paid a visit to a gallery in North Miami Avenue after announcing a surprise visit on Instagram.

“Attention,” he wrote Tuesday morning in all caps. “People who are in Miami see you at 3 PM,” Maluma continued, sharing the address to the gallery with his 57 million Instagram followers.

“I want to see you and take many pictures of us!!,” he wrote, reminding people to “wear face masks.”

His passionate fan base in Miami quickly mobilized and rushed to the area hoping to greet their 27-year-old idol.

While many fans got a chance to meet the singer, who was filmed standing through the sunroof of an SUV, a large group went home disappointed after police shut down the event citing COVID-19 concerns, according to NBC Miami.

Maluma, who’s promoting the recently released visual album “7 Días en Jamaica,” partnered with fellow Colombian artist Federico Uribe, who made art for the album using pieces of plastic.

The artwork, which will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to environmental non-profits, was on display at the gallery.

According to Miami police, Maluma was able to greet around 160 people, who were entering in groups of 10. However, with around 1,000 people still waiting in line, cops decided to cancel the event over possible COVID-19 violations.

“We don’t know why they canceled it, we’ve been here for three hours” a young fan told Telemundo Miami, adding that the line was “really long.”

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