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Miami-Bound United Airlines plane catches fire after bird strike



Miami, Florida – After striking a bird shortly after takeoff, a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Miami was forced to make a Friday return to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, according to the carrier.

United Airlines said in a statement that Flight 1930 returned safely to Chicago O’Hare International Airport “after experiencing a bird strike shortly after take-off.”

“It was a bang, this ain’t right,” said Flight 1930 passenger Darick Rhodes.

Carly Franczak, a passenger on United, claimed that you could hear the thumping sound made when the bird hit the aircraft.

“Big jolt, loud, crazy banging noise, up and down, went around and landed,” said Franczak. “Very crazy.”

The thunderous booms and sparking engine were captured on video by locals.

Long a serious issue for commercial aviation, bird strikes.

The most well-known instance occurred in 2009 when a U.S. Airways pilot successfully landed a plane in New York’s Hudson River after it had lost both engines due to a bird strike.

Before the plane touched down again, the terrified passengers reported that it took about 15 terrifying minutes.

Darick Rhodes: Everyone needs to unwind, so just chill out. Stop yelling. Let the pilot handle his business.

“It was a moment I will always remember, said Rhodes, “I’m glad we landed back in Chicago.”

There were no reported injuries, and the pilot was able to land safely.

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