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Miami-Dade fisherman finds six mysterious leaking cylinders



Miami Dade County, Florida – After finding leaky unmarked cylinders at sea, an environmentally concerned fisherman from Miami-Dade County has a long list of unanswered questions.

According to Paul Ewald, he went out to fish with his son and his friend on Sunday when they spotted large plastic fuel containers floating at sea.

“There was one, and three football fields you could just see another one … none of them were close to each other.”

They found six 15-gallon plastic fuel containers without identifying marks about a mile offshore from the Haulover Inlet — and most of them were leaking, Ewald said.

“We pulled them up, probably just should’ve called the Coast Guard right then and let them know what we got here, but didn’t even cross our minds.”

According to Ewald, the source of the containers is a mystery to them.

“We could not fathom why they would be in the water. Like, who would throw out this fuel? Why did this happen? Did it fall off the back of a boat?”

He filed a report with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency was also involved in the investigation, Ewald said.