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New twist in planned redevelopment of former golf course in Coral Springs and Parkland



Coral Springs, Florida – The city of Parkland is now considering playing a more critical role in the latest twist on plans to redevelop a part of the former golf course in the Heron Bay community straddling Coral Springs and Parkland.

According to officials, the city is looking to buy the estimated 70-acre property owned by the North Springs Improvement District.

Parkland Mayor Rich Walker says, the reason: it’s a way to control the ultimate outcome of what the land is used for.

“This process was heading in a direction I was uneasy with,” Walker said. “So I felt we needed to step up and consider another option to ensure that we’re doing what’s best for the city of Parkland and its residents.”

Recent redevelopment plans are being considered by the improvement district – which has called for Davie-based East Coast Builders and Developers to buy the land for 74 acres for $21 million and build over it up to 100 single-family houses and up to 675,000-square-feet of office and retail space – have drawn sizable criticism from some residents of Heron Bay.

On June 8, a special Parkland City Commission meeting will be held to consider the option of the city purchasing the property.

According to Walker, if Parkland does purchase the property, it would have more say over what happens to the property and who develops it.

“This is not about making money for the city of Parkland,” the mayor said. “It’s about controlling the outcome of what happens with a significant piece of development in our city. It’s an opportunity to ensure that what happens is best for the residents of Parkland.”


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