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Crist visits South Florida as the governor’s race approaches its closing stages



Pinecrest, Florida – Charlie Crist, a Democrat running for governor, paid a visit to South Florida on Monday as the fight for the top job in Tallahassee approached its last stretch.

Crist went to a luncheon in Pinecrest’s Evelyn Greer Park. “It’s great to be in South Florida, always,” Crist said.

The luncheon was held in an effort to turn out voters in Broward County, which leans overwhelmingly Democratic, before a scheduled stop in Hollywood.

Over the weekend, Republican governor Ron DeSantis conducted a separate rally in South Florida.

“You’re not just electing somebody to agree or disagree with you,” DeSantis said. “You’re electing somebody that’s going to be called upon to be a leader. And some people have that and some people don’t.”


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