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Delray Beach fire chief meets Coral Springs team who rescued him



Coral Springs, Florida – A South Florida brotherhood is stronger than ever after a frightening 911 call.

Delray Beach’s Fire Chief found a way to say thank you to the first responders in Coral Springs who saved his life.

Chief Keith Tomey delivered lunch to the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department, Thursday.

He wanted to thank them for their role in his quick care and recovery.

Tomey has been helping people in South Florida for more than 35 years, but back in October, he was the one on the receiving end of the emergency care.

“Rescue came, the recognized that I was having a major heart attack and they immediately got me to the back of the truck, started me on the way to the hospital. They started me on an IV, started giving me medication and stuff that I needed and took me to the appropriate hospital,” Tomey said.

“It’s a great job, and we get to do great things,” said Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Capt. Dave Schneider. “We’re all pretty happy with that.”

The rescue crew was grateful for the lunch.

Tomey dubbed the fire department “world-class.”

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