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Parking lot plan riles Coral Springs residents



Coral Springs, Florida – A proposal that will be voted on at the city commission meeting on Wednesday would deny parking access to certain Coral Springs companies, boat owners, and owners of recreational vehicles.

A zoning modification that will allow a 4.88-acre property to become a storage facility for trucks and trailers belonging to a large-scale, national tenant was recently approved by the city’s Planning and Zoning Board. Currently, approximately 200 people and an estimated 83 businesses use the location at 12101 Northwest 42nd St. in Coral Springs’ industrial park to keep their recreational vehicles, boats, and commercial vehicles.

According to records, Sawgrass Storage is the name of the company located there. According to city documents, the new 111-space storage facility would be guarded by an electric security gate and left unmanned.

According to the documents, the property owner, AGI 42nd Street Owner, LLC, plans to lease the parking space to a national tenant who has not yet been disclosed, instead of the current clients.
Residents and business owners who now pay to use the site have expressed reservations about the plan. They claim they won’t have anywhere to legally park their boats, RVs, and work trucks in addition to other commercial vehicles.

For the past seven years, Spiro Edgos, the proprietor of Bin Doctor Sanitizing Service, claims to have parked three commercial cars on the site.

“It doesn’t look good; you’re kicking out all these small businesses and residents who have nowhere else to go,” Edgos said, citing the city’s tight restrictions on boat, RV, and commercial vehicle parking.

“If we can’t park our trucks, then we might have to move our business.”

According to Edgos, the city is looking for a solution. He suggested that the city loosen some of the regulations governing the parking of business cars in the industrial park, where spots are available for lease.

“There’s a lot of space there that we could use to park if we were allowed to,” Edgos said.

The commission meeting is set to take place at City Hall, 9500 W. Sample Road, on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.



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