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85-year-old graduates FIU



West Miami-Dade, Florida – On Tuesday afternoon, an 85-year-old, Arlyne Frankel finally got her degree and graduated from Florida International University.

Previously, she attended Boston University but dropped out after two years. She then ventured into various roles before deciding to finish what she started, enrolling at FIU at the age of 80.

She graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude, and with a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies. “It’s overwhelming and joyous,” said Frankel.

According to Frankel, she knew the time was right to continue her education. “I learned so much. It’s kept me on the high, and those were the glorious moments. It’s like that was the time that I needed to complete,” said Frankel, “’cause I completed it then.”

She hopes to leave a legacy for her loved ones. “They can tell their children and their children can tell their children,” she said, “and it can be a legacy for all members of our family. That’s what I want to be.”

Frankel sent a message of encouragement to those looking up to her now. “Be inspired. That’s great. Be inspired and let that drive you. Let that inspiration say, you know, in my time, I can do it. I can do it!” said Frankel.

She was joined by her two sons and two of her three grandkids for her special day.

According to Frankel, she plans to explore her creative side and take some art courses.


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