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National supply chain crisis not comming to end anytime soon



Miami, Florida – Retailers are still dealing with supply issues.

“Order early. You know, I think we have to set realistic expectations,” said Tamara Jalving, the vice president of safety for Yellow.

Disruptions caused by the pandemic are affecting the global supply chain.

Among the products affected: alcohol.

“We had 50 people waiting in line just to see what we had coming in this morning because it’s a guessing game for us, just as it is for the guest. They don’t know what’s coming, we don’t know what’s coming,” said Jake Duke, a regional manager for Spec’s Liquor. “We see the orders the day before, we get them in the morning. We put it out for sale, and they’re gone by the end of the day.”

Some of the products could be limited come fall and winter, large food producers warn.

Some fear President Joe Biden’s December 8th mandate for companies who work with the federal government to lay off employees who don’t get vaccinated for COVID-19 will make matters worse.

“Because we already have a critical shortage of folks that are working through the supply chain that order would only exacerbate the issue,” said Eric Hoplin, the president and CEO of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors.


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